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Grimm Season 1 Review, part 2

Last Grimm Standing
I feel nothing but indifference for this show. A Wesen fight club is in operation. Contempt and callousness is on display. Juliette whines. This was dumb.

Best Lines:
“As it was before.”
“So shall it be again.”

Three Coins In A Fuchsbau
Thieves look for coins. Special magic coins that make people crazy. First Hank and then Renard handle them. Titus Welliver pops up to deliver some back-story to Nick. Renard acts up and the final scene is tasteless. Why is this show so boring?

Plumed Serpent
They should have made this show about Renard. They haven’t even invented a word for cruel manipulators like him. Renard is all HMD to Nick. Scrap metal thieves get got by a dragon. Daniel Baldwin guest stars as the new arson investigator. Nick visits a Wesen strip club. Juliette annoys and ends up in peril, again. This was so ridiculous I fast forwarded through most of it.

Island of Dreams
Juliette annoys in this formulaic ep. A Wesen sees Nick and yet again wails something along the lines of: don’t commit a Van Helsing hate crime on me. Adalind gives Hank blood cookies. Morons rob stuff. Wu eats the blood cookies and reacts badly. Again I fast forwarded through most of it.

The Thing With Feathers
The CGI monster faces on this show are stupid. A Wesen (Azura Skye) is in peril. Juliette gets way too much screen time. Hank obsesses over Adalind. Juliette rejects Nick’s marriage proposal while muttering about secrets and lies. The fast forward button was deployed again.

Love Sick
This show is a real letdown. The key from 1x01 finally reappears. Renard shoots people with silly accents. Bad acting is displayed. Hank dates Adalind. Nick and Adalind fight and Nick one ups her. Adalind’s mother (Jessica Tuck) disowns her in response. Adalind cries. Why didn’t Nick just kill her already. Renard turns his back on Adalind too. Nick finally looks into the purpose of the key. This was okay.

Best Line:
“You have the smell of violence.”

Cat and Mouse
An evil Wesen (Sebastian Roche of ‘Odyssey 5’ and ‘Fringe’) hunts a Wesen Resistance member. Nick gets told a lot of mythos about the High Command, the Resistance, the Seven Houses and the Royal Families who infiltrate organisations. Nick is surprised to learn Grimm’s worked for the Royal Families and then he tunes out for some reason. Renard is up to something. This was okay despite some bad acting.

Best Lines:
“I want to know why you didn’t tell me that you had a Grimm working for you. He could be very useful to me. Why don’t you make that happen?”
“He doesn’t know about me.”
“Then you are plying a very dangerous game my dear captain.”

Leave It To Beavers
Nick finally starts learning to use his Grimm weapons. A bog standard murder investigation takes place. Juliette meets Monroe. The Reaper who lost a ear earlier in the season returns with a pal to kill Nick. They wave their silly scythes around. Nick fights the two Reapers and wins. So Reapers are Wesen? How did Nick know where to send the heads? This wasn’t good.

Best Line:
“Monroe, bring a shovel.”

Happily Ever Afterward
Lucinda = Cinderella and she is married to Arthur who has lost all his money to a con man. Arthur and Lucinda’s godfather appeal to her stepmother for help and are rejected. Stepmother is promptly killed by a Wesen. Meanwhile Nick has more Grimm dreams and finds out more about his parents murder.

Lucinda also has two stepsisters, one is mean and one is a drunk. Then there is a twist in the tale and Lucinda is down one stepsister as well. This was okay, a nice deconstruction of the Cinderella story.

Best Lines:
“Put the vodka back in the freezer.”

“Are we going to play chase? Just like when we were kids. You know I always caught you.”

“One big happy dead family.”
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