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Arrow 1x08 Review


Diggle bores, Moira lies and Helena is a psycho. Oliver takes Helena to Sarah’s grave and tries to import a moral message to her. Helena sulks, Diggle issues platitudes, Felicity irritates and Tommy Merlyn is feckless.

Oliver gives Helena a crossbow and a costume, which he will regret. But first they get to act out some Hawkeye/Black Widow fanfic. Walter finds something in the Queen house. Tommy Merlyn acts like a spoilt brat at the thought of having to get a job.

Helena and Oliver have a falling out. Helena may be dark and twisted but so is Oliver. Helena sets up a massacre and shows off her crazy and then takes off. The police don’t seem to be looking for her or wondering where she is. Is China White dead? This wasn’t that interesting.

Best Lines:
“Anyone can sell crack. All you need is a street corner and a hoodie.”

“You filled your dad’s pool with beer...his father was so pissed, I actually thought he was going to drown you in it.”
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