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Book Reviews: Polterheist + The Blair Witch Project: A Dossier

Polterheist by Laura Resnick

The 5th in the ‘Esther Diamond’ series sees the wannabe actress working as a department store elf over the Christmas season. She has to deal with surly co-workers, screaming kids and Evil rising. Esther and her gang have to save NY from demonic disaster again. This is a good, funny book.

Best Lines:
“In one of those little misunderstandings that can so easily arise when you’re confronting Evil, one night in the summer the cops of the 25th Precinct had taken me for a prostitute who was disturbing the peace and assaulting people on Lexington Avenue.”

“I’ve relocated decomposing corpses that didn’t smell that bad.”

“They’d scared me into believing a suspicious weirdly dressed perp was infiltrating our house annually. They had even forced me to meet someone who was impersonating that character.”

“So let’s all try to stay calm in this highly public place!”

“If New York was not shortly devoured by something from another dimension, I wasn’t sure I had enough money to live on for the next few years.”

"I noticed the bloody symbol in the snow was starting to glow a dark red. That struck me as a bad thing."

The Blair Witch Project: A Dossier complied by D.A. Stern

This 2000 book provides background to the movie. It provides legends, myths, facts, photos, a journal, cult history and interviews. It’s a good enjoyable collection of mythos.

Best Line:
“It seems to be that all that can be said for certain is that something lives in the Black Hills. Let whoever goes searching for it beware.”
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