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Movie Review: Grave Encounters (2010)

A ghost hunting reality TV crew decide to be locked into an abandoned mental hospital to find proof it is haunted. Big mistake, huge. Lance Preston (Sean Rogerson) the obnoxious MTV style host, Sasha the alleged occult specialist, Matt the tech guy, TC the cameraman and Houston (Mackenzie Gray) the blatantly fake ‘medium’ ignore the fact that the front door has ‘Death Awaits’ spray painted onto it and saunter inside.

The gang learn some of the hospital’s creepy past, wander around in creepy rooms and service tunnels. They split up and investigate scary noises. There are some comedic moments but once Lance more or less orders the resident ghosts to bring it on, things go to hell.

Bad things happen. People vanish, people die, the hallways become an endless maze, the night won’t end, their food rots and madness sets in. There is a creepy room and someone completely loses their mind. This was excellent, scary and far better than ‘Paranormal Activity’.

Best Lines:
“Slow motion, music behind it, everything’s creepy.”

“Full spectral apparition!”

“We literally could not get out of here if we wanted to. We are trapped inside until Kenny the caretaker comes to get us in the morning.”

“Monsters aren’t real baby. They aren’t real. Even if they were real. They wouldn’t want to come to our house.”

“We have a right to be here! We have a permit and you don’t!”

“How are we going to find him? We can’t even find our way to the front door!”

“We’re not alone in here anymore.”

“Come and get me!”
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