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Angel & Faith #16 + Willow #2 Reviewed

Death and Consequences, part one

Someone finally asks why Giles should be resurrected, if he deserves to be and if he would want to be. Angel and Faith carry on Angel’s resurrection obsession. Giles’ body is missing from his grave. Nadira and the other slayers show up to rant and call Angel and Faith out on their crap.

Nadira wants a dead slayer friend resurrected as she was kind and good. Angel and Faith babble. Nadira storms off in a rage and there is a real shocker of a twist ending. This was good, I look forward to seeing how it goes from here.

Best Line:
“You made your choice. Now live with it. We want nothing more to do with you.”

Wonderland part 2

Willow continues her selfish quest to restore magic and she doesn’t care about the consequences to others. She is smug, arrogant and actually uses the phrase: “High Witching Arts.”

This was good and I’m interested to see where ’Willow’ is going. But when will Willow realise she is being selfish? Why do creatures from other dimensions speak American English?

Best Lines:
“The Light casts thick shadows, and the path of righteousness...employs some very dark gatekeepers.”
“I’m sure that means something to someone that’s not me.”
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