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The ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ poster is ummmm.

The ‘Man of Steel’ poster is unexpected.

Reviews for ‘Horrors Beyond 2’ and ‘Continuum’ season 1 are forthcoming.

‘Continuum’ trailer
A cop and a gang of criminals from 2077 end up in 2012. This looks okay.

Best Lines:
“There’s a war coming.”
“How can you be so sure?”
“Because we’re going to start it.”

“They were condemned to die. They had other plans.”

‘Revenge’ 2x10 promo

‘Heathers’ (1988) trailer

‘Days of Our Lives’ Quotes:
“Ring a bell, Belle?”

“She called him by my name! She thinks he’s me!”

Once Upon A Time’ Quotes:
“It appears I’ve been robbed.”
“Funny how that keeps happening to you.”
“Yeah well, I’m a hard man to love.”

‘Eastenders’ Quote:
“Finally the doormat speaks.”

‘Aftertime’ was one of the worst books ever written.

I am reading ‘Polterheist’.

Giant chewy Sweet Tarts are something else, the lemon flavour was my favourite.

On ‘Hollyoaks’ none of the McQueen’s have any idea of court appropriate attire. Mercedes' horrible greasy pervert barrister got her acquitted by blaming everything on the murdered Riley and ‘acting‘ like he was a panto villain. Carmel’s scar from the exploding sunbed looks really fake. Ste is a jackass to Doug despite proclaiming he loves domesticity with Doug.

Doug and Ste’s bedroom has 80s wallpaper. Doug irons Ste’s shirt. Their deli is in the red. Doug’s loud parents pay a visit and drop a bombshell. Ste is a hateful selfish git. Mercedes has been cast out by her mother and sent to live in a grotty council house. She sits in the dark losing her mind. Dodger hangs out with his long lost sister and treats Texas like crap. Dodger gets drunk and shirtless, go away Dodger.

Best Line:
“Why don’t you find another hole to infest!”
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