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Movie Reviews: Apartment 143 + Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Apartment 143 (2011)

Three ‘parapsychologists’ who may or may not be con artists show up to investigate an apartment where evil may reside. A put upon dad, his moppet son, bratty teenage daughter and pet dog are being tormented by banging noises, silent phone calls and flickering lights.

One of the ‘parapsychologists’ is Paul (Rick Gonzalez of ‘Reaper’) and he films as a photo is turned upside down, the TV turns off and the family exhibit pervy existential angst. This was not good at all. There are bizarre noises, a seizure inducing strobe scene, everyone is flippant and no-one has an indoor voice.

Selfish reckless behaviour by hostile and uncooperative people is on full display and the ‘evil’ displays crap villainy. Avoid this dreck.

Best Line:
“Halleluiah! We’re saved!"

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011)

The 1st was okay, the 2nd was sexist nonsensical guff and the 3rd was over earnest and surly. This was good. The guy who was Sawyer on ‘Lost’ gets got in the opening scene and then a plot eruption involving a prison riot/break, contact lens camera, a contract killer, an infiltration of the Kremlin and a baddie named Hendricks takes place.

Agent Dunn (Simon Pegg), Agent Carter and Ethan Hunt infiltrate the Kremlin and then the baddie blows it up. Guess who gets blamed? How did Dunn get out of the Kremlin anyway? Ethan is as sanctimonious, smug and irritating as ever even as he learns the entire IMF has been disavowed.

So the IMF are reduced to Ethan, Dunn, Carter and an analyst named Brandt (Jeremy Renner) and they have to catch Hendricks who wants to trigger a nuclear war and prove the IMF aren’t terrorists while an angry Russian cop chases them. Despite being disavowed the gang still seem to have plenty of money.

They head to Dubai where there is tension, impersonations, Dunn wears a comedy bellhop outfit, there is a car chase in a sandstorm and some stunts. Ethan is a git of epic proportions, a rubbishy team player and a shoddy leader. But off the gang go to India for a final showdown. I enjoyed this despite the presence of the trying way too hard Ethan Hunt.

Best Lines:
“Wait here.”
“Where else am I going to go?”

“The four of us and the contents of this car are all that remain of the IMF.”

“She couldn’t help us with Hendricks.”
“Yeah so let’s throw her out the window.”

“Maybe you didn’t notice the gun she had pointed at me.”
“Yeah like you didn’t notice the open window or that we’re about a mile up in the air.”

“Next time, I get to seduce the rich guy.”
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