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Switch 1x05 + 1x06 Reviewed

Gerry the 'indie rocker' who looks like Brian Cox off the BBC and Grace are getting it on. Hannah mooches food and money. She gets a job tutoring a girl whose mother wants her to get into a good coven. The girl, Tuppence, is a brat/entitled millennial who reminds me of Ellis on ‘Smash‘. A bored Jude hooks up with a prat named Mike (Kevin Bishop) who is a bit of a nutter.

Apparently covens are usually founded by Earth signs and first covens are formed in the playground and there is something called a casting spoon. Everyone dresses like they are colour blind. The same stock footage of Camden is reused. Cocktails named Tory Wanker and Labour Spin Doctor are drunk. Stella looks for love while sporting tacky gel nails. This was funny and good. Gerry is bespelled to tell the truth which leads to him being expelled from his crap indie band.

Best Lines:
“Thanks for putting my underwear on the radiator. Feels amazing! It’s like having sex but you can get your whole bottom inside as well.”

“What’s a mollusc?”

“No-one talks to me like that!”
“No-one talks to you at all.”

“Shut it honeytits, daddy’s talking.”

“Next time you see me? It’ll be in one of your sex dreams.”

Summer Solstice Showdown!

It’s Solstice and the gang head off to celebrate with their pagan brethren. Grace tells Gerry about her faith and he invites himself along. Grace’s mother Gloria is celebrating Solstice in a squirrel costume, her father is grim and never speaks plus the WOK lurk.

Hannah’s long absent mother Esme (Imogen Stubbs) shows up and she’s as flighty and neglectful as her daughter. Stella and Gerry are made Solstice King and Queen. Gerry parties and has great fun, Gloria rants about the CW being lazy slackers and the WOK cast another hex on the CW.

This leads to the reason the WOK hate the CW finally being revealed. Grace ditches Gerry who decides to settle in the village of pagans and set up a pagan rock fusion band. Alexa tantrums. There is a lot of plot potential for a series 2 and I hope it gets one. This was good and the final image of the Camden flat covered in petals is beautiful.

Best Lines:
“Who’s the freaky fat boy with the overbite?”

“It’s way too soon for him to see me in a cloak, waving a pail of water around a bonfire.”

“What’s Gerry going to think of your mum’s naked Solstice dance?”

“What kind of person profits from Solstice?”
“The kind who has 42 rooms to heat and livestock to feed.”

“The Great Spirit is watching you, you fascist bastard!”

“Get your filthy penis away from the mighty Star Gaia!”

“Cough up scruffs.”
“Oh, shut it beak lips.”

“Gerry could fall into a recycling bin and think it’s his destiny.”
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