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Last Resort 1x05 Review

Skeleton Crew

Chaplin and Kendal don their dress white uniforms as government repetitive show up to negotiate. One of the island’s sonar arrays is down so Grace takes the USS Colorado on a repair mission. The COB is noxious, King dives down to fix the array and vile bureaucrat Curry shows up to threaten the Colorado crew with jail.

Kendal wants to go home, Chaplin grandstands, Curry grandstands more, Admiral Sheppard worries about Grace and Curry wants the USS Colorado sunk. Admiral Sheppard informs Chaplin about what is going on back home, Kendal is offered a divide and conquer deal and Grace has to command the Colorado during some sub on sub action.

A gun is pulled and stuff blows up. Back in the USA Christine is told lies about her husband and meets Kylie who runs her mouth. This was excellent, why did they axe it?

Best Lines:
“Why is there a French girl on my boat?”

“We move now, we die.”

“I don’t know what that home is becoming.”

“Where are my fish COB?”

“This agreement shall be void and so shall you.”
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