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Trailers & a 2000 tape tale

What is ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ about?

There will be no review of ‘Secret State’ 1x03.

Coming Soon: reviews for ‘Aftertime’, ‘Apartment 143’ and ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’.

2013 TV Shows That Interest Me: ‘Zero Hour’ and ‘Lightfields’ which is the sequel to ‘Marchlands’.

‘Revenge’ 2x09 promo

‘Grimm’ 2x13 promo

‘Snitch’ trailer
A man’s son is arrested on drugs charges and faces 10 years. So his father (Dwayne Johnson) goes undercover to get his sentence reduced. Shane from ‘The Walking Dead’ is in this too.

‘Apartment 143’ (2012) trailer
An ugly apartment is haunted. Snotty kids howl, ghost researchers lurk and nobody leaves. We’ll see.

Best Line:
“It all started, again.

‘Grave Encounters’ (2011) trailer
Ghost hunters go to a loony bin where embarrassing family members used to be dumped and find evil goings on. This looks good.

‘Grave Encounters 2’ (2012) trailer
TPTB decided to do this movie in the style of ‘Blair Witch 2’ - oh dear oh dear oh dear. More idiots go ghost hunting, I’m not sure about this.

‘Sherlock’ series 3 delayed - boo!

Read what has become of former ‘Melrose Place’ actress Amy Locane - she has fallen so far.

‘Peep Show’ Quote:
“What if I love a black mamba? Should I set that free? Is that what you and Sting want? A venomous killer loose on the streets of South London?”

On ‘Hollyoaks’ Will and Texas have done the deed. The orange Dodger and his long lost twin sister Sienna are horribly smug. Texas regrets bonking her orange boyfriend’s estranged half brother and yells at Will: “You pathetic little weirdo!” Oh I see a pregnancy scare in her future. Jacqui swigs cider in a bus stop. Mercedes wants out of the loony bin she has been locked up in for the whole stalking/framing/attempted murder faking and faked child abduction scams she carried out. Orange Dodger brings his REAL dad to meet Dirk Savage who punches REAL dad in the face. Selfish stupid orange Dodger decides to move in with his obviously psycho REAL dad. Will TPTB stop giving Dodger so much screen time and will they please tell him to ease up on the cheap fake tan.

Best Line:
“You know what this place is like. Nothing stays secret for long.”

‘Switch’ Quotes:
“You must think we are the biggest gang of bitch hounds ever.”
“Yes, we do.”
“Oh, mega guilt sweat.”

“I have a new coven.”
“You sure they’re new? They look just like the last ones.”

“Is this a tramp walk?”

“We all earn our keep, apart from Han.”

“Exactly how much phone sex did you have with that Cuban guy last month?”
“A fair bit. Why?”
“Because we’ve got a phone bill for a grand.”

“What the hell is that?”
“It was my fringe.”

Cleared out a 2000 tape. It began with an ‘Odyssey 5’ ep ‘Rapture’ in which the arrogant Chuck causes issues with NASA executive Hodge, a Sentient drug causes problems and Neil take it. The sneering arrogant idiot Chuck does not care. This was moronical. Then came another ‘Odyssey 5’ ep ‘L.D.U.-7’ in which the gang (minus Neil) visit a prison where Sentients are experimenting on prisoners. There is a riot, Neil wears a bad wig and Chuck’s golden boy son Marc can’t handle the pressure of applying to NASA. This too was moronical.

Then came a ‘Relic Hunter’ ep ‘The Warlock of Nu Theta Pi’ in which Sidney and her poor man’s Hugh Grant assistant look into witchy goings on in their college. This was silly. Then came another ‘Odyssey 5’ ep ‘Flux’ in which the gang sit around at a diner instead of trying to stop the world ending. Chuck has a Sentient infection and freaks out. Sarah loses custody of her son after her husband finds out she has been drugging their son against the fatal illness he hasn’t developed yet. Marc screws up NASA and spies on his dad to try and get into the astronaut programme. Chuck’s wife is a tool. Neil is put upon. This was toxic.
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