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Elementary 1x06 + Alcatraz 1x05 + Fringe 5x06 Reviewed

Flight Rest

Holmes is convinced a plane crash was murder. Watson thinks she is going to meet Holmes’ daddy but instead meets an actor (Roger Rees of ’Warehouse 13’). Holmes acts crazy and Watson learns some information about Holmes’ past, including a very familiar name. Holmes leads Gregson and Bell, the only cops in NY, to the murderer. This was good. Why doesn’t Holmes take on private clients? Where is Mycroft?

Best Lines:
“That seems like a strange time and place to commit a violent homicide, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Easier to bash his skull in, than explain why you’re funnelling sand into a fuel tank.”

“Ink’ll be dry before your foot goes through his door.”

Guy Hastings

A guard who vanished in 1963 shows up and is as violent and unpredictable as the other 63s. Hauser overacts. The guard, Guy Hastings, makes a bee line for Rebecca’s uncle Ray. Flashbacks to the past show Guy Hastings was the training officer when Ray was a rookie guard at Alcatraz. Ray got bashed in the head with a dinner tray his first day on the job.

Nobody is freaked out about the time travel/non aging deal. There is bad acting. Ray proves to have a lot of secrets and actually asks questions but nothing is any clearer. This wasn’t good.

What are the missions the 63s are sent on all about? Why do people keep getting the drop on Rebecca? How did Guy know where to find Ray? What is the big deal with Tommy? Why is Rebecca so smug? What does Ray know?

Best Lines:
“And then it wasn’t 1963 anymore.”

“On the count of three I’m going to shoot you in the head.”

Through The Looking Glass and What Walter Found There

An apartment is the doorway to a pocket universe with weird Euclidean geometry. Walter, Peter and Olivia wander around it. Walter’s big plan has something to do with the child Observer encountered back in season 1. Observers show up to menace the team and Peter kills an Observer with his bare hands and then starts seeing the world in the blue grid pattern that Observers see in. Oh dear. This was okay.

What are light bombs? Who is Donald? Why does Peter call Walter ‘dad’ - he’s not his dad, Walter is his abductor and Peter has Stockholm syndrome but I guess we’re not supposed to recall that.

Best Lines:
“The fourth floor’s been red tagged for 20 years.”

“What’s your business here?”
“None of yours.”

“My wife is waiting for me.”
“Not anymore.”

“I know what you have done. You have made a grave mistake. You do not realise what is happening to you.”
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