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Book Reviews: The Wild Ways + The Fresco

The Wild Ways by Tanya Huff

This is the disappointing sequel to ‘The Enchantment Emporium’. Charlie Gale is another member of the sprawling magical inbred Gale clan. She is a slacker wannabe musician who gets roped into helping Selkies fend off an evil oil executive. This bored, it’s too wannabe hip and is full of selfish weird idiots.

Best Lines:
Ancient gods rising from beneath the sea is so last millennium.”

“A shower slightly less wide than my shoulders that’ll try to electrocute you if you touch the showerhead while wet. Aston licked it on a dare last summer, nearly melted his fillings.”

The Fresco by Sheri S. Tepper

Benita meets two aliens in the woods and becomes a liaison for humanity’s first contact. This was ridiculous and derivative, not one of Tepper’s better works.

Best Line:
“All the upstanding young men who stand around on the sidewalk all day, every day, with no visible means of support.”
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