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Book Reviews: The Book of Cthulhu II, part 2 + How To Be A Woman + Silent Weapons

The Book of Cthulhu II edited by Ross E. Lockhart, part 2

The Hands That Reek and Smoke

Artists gets unwanted inspiration from Nyarlathotep. Okay.

The world is doomed. Very good.

Space pirates encounter the Mi-Go. Okay.

The Nyarlathotep Event
Two special agents fight cultists in Oxford. Excellent.

Best Lines:
“You find yourself in the middle of Christ Church College facing a pack of yellow-robed cultists standing around a bubbling rip in reality.”

“I can see the Care Bears coming and they have machine guns.”

The Black Brat of Dulwich
A revisionist tale that suggests Wilbur Whateley wasn’t the real bad guy of ‘The Dunwich Horror’. Very good.

The Terror From The Depths
The house named Vultures Roost has many secrets. Good.

Black Hill
An oilfield is the source of horror. Okay.

The God of Dark Laughter
A circus clown is murdered. Okay.

A man stumbles across something in the woods. Very good.

Hand of Glory
A small time gangster thug gets mixed up in dark magic. Good.

Best Lines:
“Word to the wise - never go back there.”

“The boys are true believers, and with very good reason considering who roams the woods around here.”

How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran

This is a very funny memoir/rant. It begins when the author is 13 and trying to figure out what growing up and becoming a woman means. It follows her as she grows up and learns. Add in Moran’s rants about waxing, clothes, ill fitting shoes and how she was turfed out of a strip club she was sent to on a journalistic assignment because a bouncer thought she was a rough looking prostitute. This is a funny enjoyable read for the most part.

Best Line:
“I regret to say that she looked like everyone’s clichéd idea of a post-Dworkin feminist.”

Star Trek The Next Generation: Cold Equations Book Two Silent Weapons by David Mack

The Typhon Pact are plotting in nihilistic fashion. Data is back from the dead and doing stuff, this must have happened in 'Book One' which I haven't read yet. This is good an intriguing mix of politics, mystery and steals from ‘Salt’ and ‘Avatar’. On the downside there is Dr Crusher being pushy, controlling and bratty. The ‘TNG’ reluanch has ruined her character. After nagging Picard into having a child, she is now nagging him to give up his career. The Enterprise crew are smug and self important. They need to take inventory of themselves especially T’Ryssa Chen.

La Forge has no life, there is political ranting, arse licking of Bacco, the UFP are unbelievably smug and arrogant and a character nobody cares about dies and then gets a near four page eulogy. Don’t even get me started on the happily child free Picard turning into a drip who makes goo goo noises over his snot faced toddler.

Best Line:
“If you had a resource like this to wield against your enemies, what would have to be at stake to make you willing to give it up?”
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