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Thoughts of the Day + a 1995 tape tale

Kristen is back on ‘Days of Our Lives’. Wasn’t she left trapped in a dungeon 14 years ago? She is still after John and his weird plastic face. Has anyone filled her in on her adoptive brother Tony being dead and how she wasn’t married to Tony back in the day but his look-alike evil cousin Andre?

On ‘Hollyaoks’ Ste and Doug sit in front of the TV watching bad children’s programmes whilst wearing old man sweaters with Ste’s children sitting on their laps. Ste is home from the hospital and his injuries have healed up quickly. He seems to have walked off being run down by an out of control minibus. Brendan lurks to cause trouble. Ste is a jerk to Doug.

Ally proves to be a creeper as he cheats on Ash with her bimbo sister Lacey. Lacey and Ash’s mother Martha beats Ally up and has him arrested. Carmel dates some Bradley Wiggins look-alike. Texas sees her orange boyfriend Dodger with his long lost twin sister and jumps to all the wrong conclusions - a regular occurrence for her. Will gets self righteous, wasn’t he blonde during the summer? Will and Dodger have another falling out leading to Dodger smacking Will in the mouth and Will getting it on with Texas. Has he forgotten she accused him of being a murderer and had him arrested and waged a hate campaign against him?

Best Lines:
“Losing your ball control there Stephen.”

“Oh good, here’s daddy Douglas.”

“Get some clothes on Lacey.”

‘The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!’ Quotes:

“Some kind of glowy magic looking rock.”

“That’s Living Laser, Ironman, Living! As in something you’re not going to be in about five seconds!”

“How can you not remember who I am? You punched me in the face!”
“That doesn’t really narrow it down pal.”

“I’m doing exactly what I want, turning you into a smoking pile of ash.”

“There’s an elf here giving me a dirty look.”

Cleared out a tape from 1995. It opened with an ‘X Files’ episode ‘Nisei’ in which experiments are being done in a train car and the footage ends up as a mail order alien autopsy video. The badly dressed Scully is sceptical and then stumbles across a support group for equally badly dressed women who were abducted. Scully starts to remember her abduction. This was dull. Then came a ‘Due South’ episode ‘Mask’ in which masks are stolen. Fraser has visions. Thatcher annoys and I remember how this show once had lovely subtext and how Paul Gross ruined it all. This was dull.

Then came an ‘X Files’ episode named ‘Sleepless’ in which Mulder learns of sleep deprivation experiments gone wrong. Tony Todd is the baddie of the week. Alex Krycek debuts showing off his nice hair and pretending to be a Mulder fanboy. Mr X shows up to annoy. The reveal of Krycek as a bad guy was a big deal at the time. Oh how the slash fans tried to redeem him. This was also dull.

Then came the ‘X Files’ 1x10 episode ‘Eve’ in which two men are found dead and their daughters look exactly alike. It is not vampires or aliens. The daughters Teena and Cindy turn out to be the murderous cloned by-product of a botched eugenics programme. Several grown up clones (Harriet Harris) run around showing how crazy the clones are. The severely psychotic Teena and Cindy try to poison Mulder and Scully. Teena and Cindy end up in a nuthouse, Cindy’s mother rejects her and this was good with a creepy ending.

Best Lines:
“Someone or something Scully.”

“We’re very bright we Eves.”

“They poke me to see what went wrong.”

“We’re your mistake.”

“We’re just little girls.”

A review of ‘The Revenge of Eli Monpress’ (an omnibus of ‘The Spirit War’ and ‘Spirit’s End’) is forthcoming.

Fawlty Towers’ Quotes:
“Do you think we could cancel our fruit salads?”
“Well, it’s a little tricky. Chef's just opened the tin.”

“Well let me tell you something! This is exactly how Nazi Germany started!”

I have put ‘1635: Papal Stakes’ to the side for the moment and am reading ‘The Fresco’.
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