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Last Resort 1x04 Reviewed


I can’t believe they axed this. The crew are revolting. Kendal and Chaplin learn they are charged with treason. Morale is in the toilet. Chaplin decides to let the crew decide if they want to stay or go. Needless to say, he pulls a gambit that manipulates them into doing what he wants. The SEALs annoy.

Julian wants something on the island. King threatens Julian. Kylie whines to her dad. Christine Kendal is broke and being gas lighted by her lawyer. This leads to her ranting like a madwoman at the media.

The NATO woman Sophie tests soil, a sailor pulls a grenade, Chaplin justifies himself, bizarre orders are issued, Admiral Sheppard worries and there is a ridiculous fistfight. It becomes a bit clearer as to what is going on in DC and on the island. This was okay. Why does the Secretary of Defence want Chaplin and Kendal dead and the USS Colorado scuttled? Why is the selfish stroppy Kylie getting so much screen time?

Best Lines:
“He’s the enemy, just like you.”

“You guys are all dead. All of you.”

“My men are nearby.”
“And that helps you how?”
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