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‘Switch’ 1x05 promo
Jude gets a new love interest, Hannah gets a new job and this looks iffy.

‘The Booth At The End’ trailer
A mysterious man makes agreements from a diner booth. Is he the devil? Uh.

Best Line:
“I heard you can do things.”

‘Angel’ Quote:
“Evil white folks really do have a Mecca!”

Stupid ‘Hollyoaks’ TPTB have admitted that by bringing back John-Paul McQueen, he and Craig have broken up. I don’t want stories about John-Paul as a single man, everyone remembers the horror that was the priest storyline. Anyway Ste has woken up and has amnesia or does he? I am getting the terrible feeling that Ste and Brendan will leave Chester together. Poor Doug, Ste needs a good kicking and I’m sure Brendan will give it to him at some point. Dodger is orange and TPTB spend quality time on his trashy long lost real dad storyline. Meanwhile the dead ignorant loudmouth slapper Maddie is being remembered as a saint a la ‘Heathers’.

The ‘World War Z’ teaser poster is stark.

‘World War Z’ Quotes:
My father wasn’t quite convinced of my ingenious geopolitical insights.”

“I was quite proud of those words, I thought they sounded very heroic.”

‘Congo’ Quotes:
“This is pure Kafka...”
“Who is Kafka? Tell me!”

“You go in there with Robertson Reynolds, you’ll be coming out as somebody’s bowel movement.”

‘Days of Our Lives’ Quotes:
“I doubt you’ll mourn for long, you don’t have it in you.”

“Now that Andre’s dead. He is dead isn’t he?”
“Don’t be ridiculous.”

‘The Adventures of Brisco County Jr’ Quotes:
“Where did you learn to punch like that?”
“Catholic school.”

“You touched Pete’s piece.”

“There was bees up there.”
“Was there?”
“Mad bees!”

“This is a country of dust, ill manners and strange smells.”

“Do you think that I would allow some cretin from an antediluvian time to stop me?”

“I’m going to pound you like cheap sirloin.”

‘Dark Skies’ (2013) trailer
This looks cool. I’m there.

Best Line:
“You can’t escape them.”

The cover for ‘Night Pilgrims’ is out and it is pretty.

Reviews of: ‘White Collar’ season 2, ‘Allegiance in Exile’, ‘Hysteria’, ‘Article 5’, ‘Dead Things’, ‘Hunter’s Moon’, ‘Brenda and Effie Forever!’, ‘The Dead of Winter’ and ‘Tempest Rising’ forthcoming.

‘Emmerdale’ Quote:
“What, like beating up your dad and losing your wife to Marlon?”
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