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Elementary 1x05 + Alcatraz 1x04 + Fringe 5x05 + Hunted 1x08 Reviewed

Lesser Evils

Holmes abuses corpses and deduces murder. Watson runs into her ‘friend’ Carrie. Watson let her medical licence expire after being trained for 12 years to be a surgeon. Why did she throw her medical career away to be an addict sitter? An angel of death is the loose. The obvious suspect is the killer. But there is a twist. This was mediocre.

Best Lines:
“What is wrong with you?”

“Idiots rely on luck.”

Cal Sweeney

A bank robber from 1960 robs banks in the present. No-one asks how they have no issues with the present day. Dr Soto somehow has two PhDs and a difficult relationship with his parents.

The 1960 bank robber who at one time fancied himself king rat of Alcatraz is Cal Sweeney (Eric Johnson of ‘Smallville’) and he is crazy and a bad judge of character. He’s violent and rants and sticks a guy’s head down a toilet. Then he gets stabbed with a pen.

There is a hostage situation in a bank, Rebecca shoves her nose in, there is an obvious plot twist and questions are raised about keys and a locked room. This was bad. I don’t care, I just do not care.

An Origin Story

Etta’s dead and Peter is cracking up. Olivia is ever stoic and the Observers do weird stuff. Peter gets vengeful, Olivia is blank and the Observers are like the technomages from ‘Babylon 5’. Peter questions an Observer. Astrid cracks the Observers language. Etta is made the face of the resistance. Peter is stupid yet again. Nobody wonders if everything is this ep was a giant set up so Peter would end up sticking Observer tech into his spine. He’s from the kind of family where that could be part of a normal day. Sigh. This was dull and obvious.

Best Lines:
“But what do we have? Pieces we don’t know how to put together. A scroll with physics we can’t decipher, a thought unifier that doesn’t work and a box of rocks from a mine. That’s what our daughter died for so far.”

“This is my friend. He’s meaner than I am.”

“You think the black over your head is dark skies when it is really our shoe.”

Snow Maiden

Byzantium try and fail to kill Jack Turner. Zoë is unpleasant. Aidan is a jackass and nobody shoots him. Sam is being poisoned. Steven learns his wife was murdered and Jack Turner’s pet assassin Tyrone has a big secret.

Sam has endless flashbacks to her past that reveal nothing. Jack Turner tells his ill used and least favourite son the motive behind his whole dam bidding/blackmail scheme. Fowkes does nothing. Someone dies, someone falls off a bridge and there is a non surprise final revelation.

This was okay but the mysteries of Sam’s past, the soil samples, the evil Polyhedrus company, Hourglass, Aidan’s past, the annoying assassin woman, Deacon’s future, the boss’ illness, Steven Turner and why everyone wants Sam’s dead will never be answered as this was the final ever ep.

Best Lines:
“You being here is a threat.”

“I don’t think you’ll find fulfilment managing security guards in a mall.”
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