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Arrow 1x05 Review


Oliver has been arrested as the Starling City vigilante by Quentin Lance, the only cop in Starling City. But it is all part of Oliver’s cunning plan to make sure people don’t suspect he is the vigilante. Oliver plays Laurel into representing him. Laurel snots, Quentin Lance needs medication and Oliver gets out on $15 million dollar bail. Tommy Merlyn shows up to annoy. I hate to say this, but the whole Tommy Merlyn BFF deal is not working.

Oliver has flashbacks to his island mentor. Laurel recounts how her mother ran off. Diggle does stuff. People overlook the obvious fact that Oliver is a liar who does not care, he is a psychopath. Walter walks out on his wife. Oliver takes a polygraph. Thea makes it all about her. Quentin is smug and needs to stop clenching his jaw so much, he’ll get TMJ.

Unnamed oily guy (John Barrowman) annoys. Laurel makes an unsubtle fishnets reference. An arms deal is disrupted. Moira comes across as pathetic. Oliver nearly gets killed again and masterminds a long con. This was good, I’m reminded of the ‘Watchmen’ movie. But I don’t see Oliver as Nite Owl II, more as Ozymandias.

How was the Queen’s Gambit salvaged from the North China Sea and transported to a warehouse in Starling City? Who were the army of nutters on the island? Who was the masked weirdo? Where were the army of nutters and the mentor when Oliver was rescued? Did Quentin Lance see Oliver showing off his UFC moves? With the scene of Quentin Lance in the bar, are they hinting he has a drink problem? When will TPTB address the fact that Oliver is a mass murderer?

Best Line:
“You will die badly.”
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