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Book Reviews: Pineapple Grenade + The First Days

Pineapple Grenade by Tim Dorsey

The 14th ‘Serge’ novel sees the lovable trivialista/vigilante decide he wants to be a spy. So he and his perpetual sidekick Coleman run around Miami flummoxing the CIA, getting involved in the Summit of the Americas, falling in love and taking out people who annoy. This is another funny tale but Serge has been softened a lot from the crazy serial killer he was in earlier books.

Best Line:
“Shouting and violent wall thumps from a fight involving five people and an ironing board.”

As The World Dies: The First Days by Rhiannon Frater

Two women escape a zombie apocalypse and look for shelter. They get over their losses real quick and go about shooting zombies, getting new partners, mocking stupid people who die and making endless unfunny Romero jokes. This was badly written tripe.

Best Line:
“Wait, Travis! I almost forgot. There are zombies following us here.”
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