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Switch 1x03 Review

Love Is In The Air
Stella’s demented gobby ex Lucy shows up. It seems the CW cast an anti-falling in love spell on Stella at her instigation after her break up with the mad Lucy. Now it looks as if Stella will rekindle things with the mouthy, badly dressed, dirty looking, bad haircut sporting, mouth breather Lucy who looks as if she smells.

Also Grace annoys, Jude’s idiot co-worker gurns and the harpy Hannah falls for an obvious shoplifting con. She’s so unsavoury and déclassé it takes her ages to figure out she is being conned. Jude demands a spell to fake her way into a job as a designer of low rent, cheap and tacky clothes. No moral certainty here.

The lisping Lucy creates a poisonous atmosphere but she has a point about the drunken slut Hannah mooching off Stella. Jude is incompetent at her new job as a head designer. Grace bores. Jude does the right thing. The con man is exposed. Stella kicks Lucy out after Lucy attacks her with a whisk. This was bad.

Best Lines:
“He spent his work experience in Paris. I was in a jam factory.”

“I’ve got my own office and it’s bigger than my flat.”

“What’s wrong babe, lost another job? Not a lot changes around here does it?”

“What is that nightmare still doing in my house?”
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