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Movie Review: Detention (2011)

From the dude who gave us the dumb ‘Torque’ comes this bizarre and very funny horror spoof. At Grizzly Lake high a killer, who dresses like the villain from the movie within the movie ‘Cinderhella’, stabs vile mean girl Taylor Fisher to death. School loser Riley is also targeted but nobody cares. Riley mopes over school slacker/skater boi Clapton (Josh Hutcherson aka Peeta from ‘The Hunger Games’).

There are pop ups, montages, endless songs, rapid fire chat and it all looks like something made on a sugar high. The evil school principle Verge sneers, Coach Cooper (James Black of ’The Burning Zone’) shouts and there are numerous homages to various movie genres. School bully Billy Nolan freaks out, a teacher is really hot, Riley and various other characters end up in detention. There are aliens, the end of the world, time travel conundrums, murders, an epic fight and a bizarre ending. This was good. Bizarre but good.

Best Lines:
“They’ll be headlining a toilet in Toledo.”

“Stalkers are so 2011. Get out of my room you paedophile!”

“Can you drive me?”
"Sure hon. Nope, still drunk.”

“Gimme your ipod salad eater.”

“I saw your dad’s dick on chatroulette last night!”

“Do not become the bad guy in the health class pregnancy-scare video.”

“I am not a retarded Neve Campbell.”

“Did you know that more Grizzly Lake kids have been conceived to Oasis than any other Beatles cover band?”

“Eyes glazing.”

“You’re not banging enough to be murdered...plus you live in a bungalow. Middle class slasher film heroines live in mcmansions.”

“You guys are watching bimbos-get-tortured porn to feed some music-video director’s coke habit."

“How could you, strange, unknown, quiet guy?”
“I’m not a killer. I’m just boring.”

“Our generation has had no major struggles.”
“What about 9/11.”
“Heath Ledger. What? Too soon?”
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