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Mission Impossible (1988 - 1990) Review, Part 4

An MI6 agent has gone to the bad and is making chemical weapons. Nicholas wears a neon orange tie as the IMF team up with a Russian agent to foil the baddie of the week. Max and Grant pretend to be soldiers of fortune, Nicholas pretends to be a priest, the bad guy’s galpal never speaks and Phelps is uncovered as an IMF agent and shot. The bad guy is defeated thanks to his bad security, but still gets away. He and the Russian ally didn’t return in any remaining ep this season. This was okay.

Best Line:
“If your friend comes out of this with a face. You’ve got the job.”

The Devils
An evil English aristo plays at being a satanist and kills women and diplomats. New age types gather at the aristo’s manor for the solstice. Grant has a mind reading machine. Nicholas and Shannon pretend to be gypsies. Jim pretends to be the devil. Max pretends to be one of his minions. The IMF bust the satanic conspiracy by driving yet another baddie to a breakdown. They also foil an evil gamekeeper and Shannon is in peril.

Best Lines:
“American tourists object to being murdered.”

“You’ve called me many, many times.”

“I think I smell the stench of blackmail.”

“What are you doing here?”
“I was telling cook’s fortune.”

“Shot himself? Is he dead?”

“You never thought in your benighted life.”

The Plague
A nightclub owner/weapons dealer (Maud Adams) has stolen a bacteria that accelerates the aging process. Shannon sings a song with subliminal messages. Max puts on a silly accent. Nicholas wears an eye patch. The IMF fear a bleak future with Europe dying on its feet due to the bacteria. The nightclub owner is a dazzling fish in a murky small pond but still this ep was dreary with no resonance or repercussions. To whom are the IMF answerable anyway?

Best Line:
“A plague on both their houses.”

A man in a Jim Phelps mask kills someone. Phelps is being framed by a loony bin inmate with a ridiculous voice. There is bad acting. The nutter is a former IMF consultant and he knows all their tricks and mocks various IMF tropes. Phelps looks up a former IMF colleague named Lisa. The nutter has a helper in the form of a creepy orderly. The silly immature nutter escapes in improbable fashion. The IMF drive the nutter nuttier. There is no mention of dead Casey. This was seedy.

Best Line:
“This man’s upsetting me, he’s upsetting me a great deal.”

A sub is sunk due to a computer virus. The IMF look for the ‘antidote’. The virus was sold by a traitor US Admiral. People wear hideous 80s attire. The IMF fake a gas attack and a trip on a submarine. The traitor is driven to hysteria. This show and ‘The Sentinel’ and ‘21 Jump Street’ are best viewed through nostalgia goggles. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“It’s all lies!”
“That’s what they all say.”

A fat southerner in a white suit runs a sex slavery ring. Nobody ever seems to overhear Jim listening to his IMF discs. The IMF must bust the sex slavery ring, it’s like ‘Taken’ but without Liam Neeson kicking foreigners in the face. The evil people have sneering countenances, Max wears an ugly suit, there is voodoo, mad eyed thuggery, a diabolical character gets theirs and there is no emotional deferring to the victims plight. This was okay. This show is at its best when it embraces the camp: everything is madly exaggerated, people wear ill fitting clothes, bad people behave in horrid ways in a toxic climate of corruption. The show is at its worst when women are ditzy and there is general stiffness and imbecilic goings on.

Best Lines:
“It is a mistake to threaten me Pepper. The gators are always hungry.”

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