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Nikita 2x20 + Once Upon A Time 1x10 Reviewed

Shadow Walker

Nikita uses Birkhoff’s money as part of a plan to bankrupt Percy. The money is promptly lost due to Percy’s banker pulling a con. Birkhoff is angry and broke. Alex is suddenly tech savvy. Birkhoff gets arrested. Percy wants money. Nikita is annoying, there is a sappy ending and despite the fact this was a Sean free ep, it sucked.

Best Lines:
“Outta my way lurch!”

“She’s on crack.”

“Roan drives like a little old lady.”

“Bow down before shadow walker!”

“The guy on the phone was deeply stupid.”

7:15 AM

Henry annoys the stranger in town about whom Regina is curious. Mary Margaret obsesses over a dove. David’s boring wife bores. The stranger in town mocks Emma. Meanwhile in fairytale land Snow White and Prince James continue their tedious tragic epic love. Snow White and Red Riding Hood are friends, Snow White makes a deal with the overacting Rumpy, the evil King (Alan Dale) bullies and Snow White meets the dwarves. This bored - I do not care about Snow White and her Prince in either of their iterations.

Best Lines:
“There are whispers. Whispers of a man who can achieve even the most unholy of requests.”

“There is no law against visiting Storybrooke.”

“We need to talk.”

“Love is a disease.”
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