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Book Review: Iron Winter

Iron Winter by Stephen Baxter

This is the conclusion to the ‘Northland’ trilogy which began with the excellent ‘Stone Spring’, sagged with the dire ‘Bronze Summer’ and now comes to a wonderful conclusion with this final volume.

It is 1315 and the existence of Northland has changed the world. But nothing lasts forever. A new ice age has begun bringing famine and destruction. Northland cannot endure, empires war for food and land and civilisation crumbles. Various people all over the world find their lives changing as the ice comes and the Northland that Ana worked so hard to save 8000 years ago ceases to be. This is a good, chilling conclusion to the saga.

Best Lines:
“We establish some kind of perimeter out from here, in all directions. Barricade it, defend it when they come.”
“The starving mob. We fight them off, until they die of cold or hunger.”

“Carthage. A city that wouldn’t give you a gutter to lie in.”
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