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Carey Mulligan played Sally Sparrow in the ‘Doctor Who’ ep ‘Blink’!

The Host’ trailer

‘Hollyoaks’, the wedding day bus crash drama continues. Bart the stoner is sadly not dead despite causing the crash. Mean girl Maddie and her whoredrope were taken out by a flaming flying minibus door in what has to be the funniest soap death ever for a bully, coward and hypocrite. Cindy on her wedding day to Tony is cow eyed over Jacqui’s husband Rhys and doesn’t care about Tony or her own daughter Holly. Ste suffers worst aid as his daughter Leah says: “My daddy won‘t wake up.”. Doug shows off awful acting and he wails. A cover of ‘Hurt’ plays. Then Brendan finds out Ste is comatose and runs Tom Cruise style into casualty and overacts. Doug shows off more rotten acting as he gets into a shoving match with Brendan. TPTB killed off Maddie, Neil, Rhys and Jono and kept him?!? Another cover of ‘The Power of Love’ plays.

On ‘Eastenders’ Christian and Syed left the show after Christian took Syed back yet again. Doormat. Before he did he listed off all Syed’s lies, bad deeds and hypocrisy. It took awhile. Jackass Syed doesn’t care about bankrupting his family and the word job isn’t in his vocabulary. The duo head off to the US (with no visas or money) with all their worldly possessions in one back pack and one small wheelie bag. Oh, it’ll all end in a stabbing someday.

Best Lines:
“Well nobody’s dead yet.”

“I love you Christian.”
“Do you?”

“I nag, I judge, I interfere.”

I am reading ‘1635: The Papal Stakes’

‘247oF’ trailer
Idiots get stuck in a sauna, this looks dumb.

‘Arrow’ 1x07 promo
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