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Arrow 1x04 + Secret State 1x01 + Game of Thrones 1x09 Reviewed

An Innocent Man

Diggle is thankless. Laurel snots. Oliver decides to help Peter Declan who is condemned to die for murdering his wife. Thea won’t shut up. Laurel fails to recognise Oliver when he is in his Arrow getup. How dumb is she? Arrow asks Laurel to help Peter Declan and she does.

John Barrowman (of ‘Doctor Who’, ‘Torchwood’, ‘Central Park West’ and ‘Shark Attack 3’) appears as a smug dude in a limo. Oliver has flashbacks to his island mentor. The irritating IT woman irritates. Laurel and her father have issues.

Laurel nearly gets killed in a prison riot. Arrow saves her and she is thankless. Arrow wears a ski mask during the prison scene which I’m sure is a homage/rip off to ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Laurel whines about her life being saved.

Walter finds out his wife has secrets, big secrets. Detective Lance aka the only cop in Starling City ups his vendetta against Oliver. I don’t think Arrow will be endorsing breakfast cereal anytime soon. I didn’t like this one. It’s Laurel, just Laurel. She’s so annoying.

Best Line:
“We argued, very loudly.”

Secret State (2012) 1x01

This is Channel 4’s new drama. Deputy Prime Minister Dawkins (Gabriel Byrne) has to deal with an oil refinery exploding and wiping out half a village and then the Prime Minister’s plane vanishes over the Atlantic Ocean. The PetroFex company grandstand and are unpleasant, the cabinet fight over who gets the vacant job and Dawkins and his uncombed hair looks winsome.

Annoying reporter Ellis Kane (Gina McKee) gives Dawkins info that the explosion and the mysterious downing of the PM’s plane may be connected. MI5 spy on Dawkins. His drunk friend knows stuff. A coroner mysteriously dies. Dawkins wonders if the hysterical conspiracy theories are true. The cabinet (among them upper class yobos played by Charles Dance and Rupert Graves) plot. This was sadly mediocre (made by Eurocentric Left of centre Guardianstas no doubt) and Gabriel Byrne’s bizarre attempt at an English accent didn’t help.


Ned’s in a dungeon and is told to confess to fake crimes to save his brat daughter. Nobody has a no conspiring with baddies policy. Everyone in the realms are abominations. Lady Stark negotiates to cross a bridge, Robb marches off to war and Jon learns one of his Night’s Watch brothers is a member of the deposed royal family.

Khal Drogo is unwell. Tyrion shares his back-story. Jamie is captured by Robb’s forces. Ned tries to save Sansa and it doesn’t work out at all for poor stupid Ned. Does Sansa still want to be queen now? I haven’t seen something this nasty since the Brendan/Walker scene on ‘Hollyoaks Later’.

Best Lines:
“Do I look dead to you?”

“This is blood magic.”

“Live with it for the rest of your days. As I have.”

“If I die, weep for me.”

“Did we win?”
“We wouldn’t be having this conversation if we didn’t.”

“Come on pretty man.”
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