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‘The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!’ Quotes:

“Did I mention that I was really, really sorry?”

“I hear you talking but the words don’t make sense.”

“Even if there is another mysterious breakout, there’s nowhere to break out to.”

“Give it up Kang!”
“Kang does not give up primitive.”

“Stupid future man.”

‘As The World Dies: The First Days’ Quote:

“She couldn’t think of how she had pulled up to their beautiful home to see Lydia and their neighbors tearing at the mailman.”

“Some bum bit Lloyd last night when he was coming home from work. This morning, he ate my baby!”

“She could have run away sooner and not waited. But then again, how was she to know he’d turn into a zombie?”

“I’m leaving! My grandma ate my aunt!”

‘Iron Winter’ Quotes:

“By this time next year your own bones will be lying in that Wall. Probably having being gnawed by your own starving children.”

“You’re not the only one selling off the treasures of millennia, in a desperate attempt to save her children from the ice.”

Have put ‘The First Days’ to the side and gone back to ‘Iron Winter’.

‘Fringe’ 5x07 promo
Peter goes to the bad. Me likey!

‘Revenge’ 2x08 promo
Victoria’s mother, Emily in a fist fight and kissing. Hee.

So in ‘Hollyoaks’. Doug is a controlling whiney obsessive creep. Ste sure can pick them. Why are Brendan and Doug so obsessed with Ste? Doug calls Brenda names and Brendan the psychotic abusive Ste obsessed gangster menaces him. Oh Doug and Ste’s wedding day will go so well I’m sure.

Best Lines:
“You fat little stumpy troll.”

“You’re not going to wet yourself again are you?”
“You’re supposed to be a friend.”
“Why don’t you just die?”

‘The Late Show’ Quotes:
“Almost as if they didn’t know there was a mad axeman on the loose who had already beheaded eight of their best friends. Why else would they leave windows open, lights on, curtains undrawn and breasts visible from five miles?”

“Some strategically placed barbed wire - a common enough implement in sorority-house pantries.”

‘An Inconvenient Woman’ Quotes:
“The difficult son. Used to have a kleptomania problem. All the shops in Westwood and Beverly Hills were alerted.”

“She’s a woman.”
“Looks like a guy in drag.”

“She doesn’t seem to work.”
“Or do much of anything.”
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