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'World War Z' trailer here at last!!!

‘World War Z’ trailer
Here at last. This looks nothing like the book and there is no clue the attackers are zombies. Did I see Sylar in one scene? Brad Pitt vs fast zombies. This looks good.

Best Line:
“What is this?

‘Nikita’ 3x04 promo
Oh go away.

‘Excision’ trailer
AnnaLynne McCord in a weird looking horror.

Best Line:
“Tough it out.”

‘The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!’ Quotes:

“That seems bad.”
“That seems worse.”

“Invisible monster detector man has the day off.”

“Burn traitor!”

“Your compassion is overwhelming troll.”

I am reading ‘As The World Dies: The First Days’.
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