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Hunted 1x06 + Nikita 2x19 Reviewed


Sam and Steve do the deed. Aidan runs his mouth. Jack Turner shows more of his scummy side. An assassination is planned. Eddie wants Sam to read fairy tales to him, isn’t he a bit old for them? Sam looks into the Polyhedrus company.

So there is a mysterious case, a doctor, a planned disaster, a mysterious fax, a dam, an assassin and Fowkes gets into big big trouble. There is a lot going on, none of which is really clear. It’s still better than ‘The Deep’.

Steven seems ready to snap and Jack better watch his back. A guy in a rabbit costume is menaced. The Byzantium boss has a secret. Nobody has any brains at all except for Steven who gets info on his new squeeze. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“He doesn’t need her dead.”
“Perhaps, but we think he wants her dead anyway.”


Percy springs a prisoner named Brant who has a grudge against Nikita. Wasn’t Percy shot not too long ago? He seems to have walked it off. Senator Pierce gets blown up, Sean freaks. Nobody cares - why is this show suddenly all about him?

Brant emotes loudly. Nikita is captured and forced to face her hypocrisy. Nobody wonders why Sean is at his mother’s funeral with a long lost Russian heiress. Michael plans a rescue after everyone misses the obvious. There is obnoxious product placement and Nikita is offensively thankless. This was dreadful. I’m tired of TPTB turning Nikita into a thankless whining selfish brat.

Best Lines:
“You have evil in you.”

“I’ll stop you. I always do.”
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