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Last Resort 1x02 Review

Blue On Blue

Special forces HALO onto the island of Sainte Marina and the stressed looking Kendal heads off to deal with it. The NATO woman wants nothing to do with the USS Colorado crew. The prototype ‘cloaking device’ on board is called the Perseus, I’m sure that is meaningful.

Submarines and warships harass the USS Colorado. Kendal’s wife is harassed by government mooks. Some of the crew won’t stand by Chaplin. The COB stirs the pot. The Navy SEAL who looks like Boone from ‘Lost’ and the barkeep Tani continue to bond.

The Perseus designer, Kylie, continues to run her mouth and her selfishness gets a friend in trouble. It is revealed that Kendal has a past. The media is painting Chaplin as a madman. There are mysterious goings on, Chaplin makes more threats and the COB makes a jaw dropping revelation about the captain.

This was very good. The political wrangling is all very murky and personal motivations remain cloudy. I find myself not trusting Kendal however.

Best Lines:
“Should we be helping these people?”

“These our are brothers in arms, sent now to kill us.”

“Looks like Marcus has a new toy.”

“Chaplin’s insane.”

“What else could Marcus get him to do?”

“I’ll turn it to glass.”

“This is our conflict!”

“I just ran out of people to kill.”

“I hope you die alone.”
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