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Elementary 1x03 + Fringe 5x03 Reviewed

Child Predator

Holmes and Watson investigate the Balloon Man case. Holmes shows off his chest fur and trashy tattoos. Watson wears something that makes her look she was dragged through a hedge backwards.

Holmes’ usual annoying behaviour is toned down as the Balloon Man case gets even darker and takes an unexpected twist. This was good.

Best Lines:
“I could’ve sworn I was wearing a shirt at some point.”

“Cleary this is all about you.”

“My money is on a speeding van driven by a panicked kidnapper.”

“I thought I was just a cavernous expanse between two ears.”

The Recordist

The gang heads off into the woods to find out more about Walter’s plan. They stumble over people who record history. Walter large hams. There are rocks in a mine that are important. Peter learns that in 2036 apples come in pill form. Boring stuff happens. This was bad.
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