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Mission Impossible (1988 - 1990) Review, part 2

The Wall
Two men run a scam in which they bilk money out of people desperate to cross the Berlin Wall. This ep is dated already. The IMF are sent to break up the scam and rescue a kidnapped West German girl. Nicholas wears a neon pink tie - it looks radioactive. Grant pretends to be a Cuban spy. Casey does nothing. Phelps looks orange. Max does a fake interrogation of the one of the scam artists. Tony Hamilton who played Max died in 1995. These is bad acting, nobody notices the IMF running around East Berlin. This was bad.

The Cattle King
An Aussie arms dealer has to be stopped. Grant wears a pink cardigan. The IMF head to the Gold Coast of Australia to stop the nefarious arms dealer. Hideous 80s interior design is displayed. People shout down huge mobile phones.

Casey tells the arms dealer about how some aborigines gave her luck via a magic spell. He believes her and is subjected to a fake curse. Grant wears a horrible white suit. Nicholas wears baggy acid washed jeans. The arms dealer is driven to a nervous breakdown. This was okay.

Best Line:
“Ya bag of bones!”

The Pawn
The IMF have to smuggle a chess grand master and his daughter out of Czechoslovakia under the nose of a nasty security Major. Max pretends to be a magician. Casey does nothing but walk around in a magician’s assistant outfit that makes her look like a chicken. Nicholas takes the chess grand master’s place via latex mask. Then the plan goes awry and he has to take part in a chess match. This was good but I wonder: who cleans up all those self destructed boxes?

Best Line:
“You will bring credit to the Soviet.”
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