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Movie Review: Spellbinder (1988)

Jeff (Tim Daly) and his idiot pals witness a woman being harassed by her boyfriend. One jackass calls it “true love” but when the woman gets slapped, Jeff intervenes. In a flurry of bad acting Jeff rescues the woman who is named Miranda and takes her home. The boyfriend glowers.

To thank Jeff, Miranda (Kelly Preston) takes off all her clothes and gets into bed with him. Jeff sees nothing odd in this or that she can take baking trays out of the oven with her bare hands to no ill effect.

Jeff and his sexist pals are jerks. But he wants to save the witchy Miranda from her boyfriend. Naturally there is a diabolical twist in the tale. Oh and some heart ripping. This wasn’t good and the acting was bad. However the soundtrack was nice and Rick Rossovich and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa feature.

Best Line:
“You left this chick alone in your house? Say goodbye to your stereo and TV pal.”
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