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There Will Be Blood

The brothers set about to get the blood of an Alpha and the Ruler of the Fallen. It bores. This season had stupid villains and way too much Bobby. The brothers summon the Ruler of the Fallen aka Crowley and smart mouth him. Morons, naturally that came back to haunt them in 7x23.

There is bad acting. An Alpha vampire does creepy stuff and the brothers leave him to it. The Leviathans needs their Lebensraum and plot to get rid of vampires, werewolves, shifters and “the disgusting little things that eat corpses.” Also Bobby bakes drama cakes and a storm cloud of despair lands on Kevin. This was terrible.

Best Lines:
“I’ve read this more times than the Playboy I found in Dad’s duffle.”
“Anna-Nicole. The good, they die young.”

“I need my road food.”

“The creep gets creepier.”

“See you next season.”
“Looking forward to it.”

“We had to jump out a freaking window man.”

Lone Gunmen

The mentally deranged Oliver targets James Holder only for Holder to be shot dead while Oliver is pontificating. Meanwhile Thea is wasted and breaking the law, Moira is a rotten mother and the whole Thea plotline reminds me of Marissa on ‘The O.C.’.

The cops hunt The Hood aka Oliver. But Oliver is hunting the sniper who is known as Deadshot. Oliver rants about honour, morality, a code and justice. Tommy Merlyn annoys, Oliver plans to open a nightclub over his base as a cover and Detective Lance continues to be the only cop in Starling City.

Oliver has more island flashbacks and I’m reminded of season 2 ‘Lost’ and the mystery of The Others. Somehow Oliver learnt Russian and free climbing and joined the Russian mob in the five years he was missing. That must have been some island.

Laurel shows off martial arts or rather her obvious stunt double does. The whole Tommy/Laurel hook up comes out. Laurel snots some more, I know she has every right to be angry but she is just annoying. Diggle gets a back-story I’m sure will be important later on. Oliver does not blink. An idiot IT woman takes up valuable screen time.

Oliver slams Detective Lance’s head into a car. Deadshot wears a silly outfit. Thea brats. Laurel snots some more and Oliver gets a secret keeper. This wasn’t good. But questions are raised: what happened to that cat Thea brought home as a child? Why was the island so dangerous and who were the ‘they’ Oliver was told to fear? What is that magic poison curing/wound healing plant?

Best Lines:
“I’ll be watching you pee.”

“Red meat for The Hood.”

“How you been?”
“Happy you drowned.”

“Your club sucks anyway!”

“These look like bullet holes.”
“My coffee shop is in a bad neighbourhood.”

“I didn’t study Shakespeare at any of the four schools I dropped out of.”

In Absentia

Harvard has been taken over by the Observers but luckily the gang can get into Walter’s lab via never before mentioned tunnels. The lab has been ambered but Walter builds a laser to cut out something important. The team capture a loyalist. Walter hates pigeons and muses that the Observers should: “Freeze dry them and hand them out to the poor as sustenance.”

Astrid doesn’t seem too concerned about her own family. Joy and ownership are fringe concepts. Etta questions the loyalist. There is too much yapping. Etta and Peter sneak around Harvard, Peter wears the fascist looking loyalist uniform. Etta sees what is left of her old boss Simon in an Observer lab. Poor Simon.

The gang learn they have to go on a scavenger hunt for stuff to uncover the plan to rid the world of the Observers. Walter large hams and this was bad.

Best Line:
“They’ll pay for what they’ve done. I promise.”

The Pointy End

The idiot ‘Prince’ is now ‘King’ Joffrey. The ‘dancing master’ is killed as the Stark servants are wiped out. Ned is in a cell looking as unwashed as ever. Sansa is stupid and still wants to marry the ‘King’. She’s a moron with no concern for her sister.

Robb Stark prepares for war. A lot of ravens fly. Lady Stark is a twit and her sister is an idiot, it must be genetic or a result of inbreeding. Jon and his wolf encounter zombies and there is muttering of White Walkers beyond the wall.

The Horse Lords engage in the spoils of victory. The Khal is challenged and settles it in decisive fashion. I don’t see a good ending for him or his angry eyeliner. Tyrion reunites with his pa Tywin (Charles Dance) and learns that the Lannisters now rule. Do Tyrion and his dad know that the new ‘King’ isn’t the son of the old King? Would they care if they did? Littlefinger snots and Sansa asks for mercy for her father. Well not for him, she just wants to marry the ‘King’. Sansa is pathetic. This wasn’t good which was odd as George RR Martin write this episode.

Best Lines:
“When you look at me, do you see a hero?”

“I trust you know you’re a dead man.”

“Who do you truly serve?”
“The realm my Lord, someone must.”

“I hope the wall’s high enough.”


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