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Prison Break Season 4 Ep 16 review

The Sunshine State

Linc heads off to Miami to find Scylla. He's aided by Gretchen, Self and T-Bag. The fact Self was shot in the previous ep is ignored as is the fact that T-Bag lost two teeth. Thankfully Self is back to his usual chipper self. Sure his abrupt turn to the dark side remains unexplained, but he's back to his lovable obnoxiously self-assured, spectacularly ruthless self.

Gretchen runs around in leather, her bruises have faded. Meanwhile the Company try to brainwash Michael, somehow he has no scars from his brain surgery. Michael is shown photos of a family fishing trip which ignores the established fact that Aldo ran off before Michael was born. Which is why he and Linc have different surnames. Meanwhile Mahone shows up to join Linc's crew, how he found them after running off with nothing to his name but the clothes on his back and a piece of pipe in 'Going Under' isn't explained.

Lisa helps Sara find Michael informing her the Company are "Carving out his personality." Sara rescues Michael after he blows up a water heater with the wonderfully named 'Liquid Purge'. Scylla is long gone and was bought by Linc and Michel's mother who is supposed to have died 25 years ago as established way back in season 1. Gretchen is shot, T-Bag of all people urges mercy and the gang leave her to be arrested. Gretchen will presumably end up in jail and maybe get to see her daughter on visitation days.

This was a good episode, the highlight of which was Self's rant at Gretchen after she betrayed them. But the fact that Linc and Michael's mother is alive is idiocy. Also Linc is totally unconcerned with his brother's welfare. He also doesn't understand the term, low profile, as he strides around Miami in his trademark unbuttoned shirt. Linc is a useless character.

Best Lines:
"I'll sail you off that loft balcony."

"You whore! You're a whore! And your mother was a whore and her mother! And your father used to turn tricks at a gas station, cos he was a whore too!"
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