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Angel & Faith #15 + Ghost #1 Reviewed

The Hero Of His Own Story

Angel meets up with the boring Whistler. He reveals his back-story and rambles about balance and the coming ‘Fray’ future. Whistler is nuts. Then we get Pearl and Nash’s back-story that covers the dustbowl, the 60s and the present day. This was very good.

Best Line:
“Wonderful. Another barely literate human finds a book of magic and manages to decipher a summoning spell. Thank you, Mr Gutenberg. Your printing press was such a wonderful idea.”

In The Smoke and Din, Part 1

The ghost tries to figure out who and what she is. The mystery of her identity and the mystery of the box that summoned her is intriguing. This was good with a creepy ending. This is a reboot of a 90s comic I've never heard of. I'm enjoying it.

Best Line:
“How the hell those two ever got a TV show is a question for the ages.”
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