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Supernatural 7x23 + Hunted 1x05 + Nikita 2x18 + Once Upon A Time 1x08 Reviewed

Survival of the Fittest

Crowley and Dick Roman plot. The brothers grave rob. Castiel mutters. There is way too much yapping. Bobby has possessed a maid as part of his vengeful spirit crap. Kevin learns that Dick Roman plans to turn the human race into social misfits in oversize maternity tops as that is their idea of the perfect food group.

The Leviathans bore. Meg is useless. The brothers finally exorcise Bobby. It took long enough, naturally Bobby’s vanquish happens off screen. Nothing happens. There is bad SFX and creamer is an important plot point. Crowley pulls a fast one. Sam is all alone again and none too bothered. Castiel and Dean are in purgatory. I do not care. This ep was awful and season 7 was terrible.

Best Line:
“You bore me, you know that?”


Sam is inexplicably alive, it seems the freaky preening assassin is protecting her. Deacon correctly thinks Aidan is the mole and so has him questioned. Aidan is his usual smug self, then beats up his co-workers and hurls himself through a window to escape. Will something bad happen to Aidan already? Sam meets a retired MI6 bloke who shows her a famous painting and mutters about a five century long conspiracy by multinational corporations and calls it: “A plague on civilization.”

Deacon has a crisis of faith when Byzantium set up an innocent couple to die to divert Jack Turner’s suspicions away from Sam. Aidan comes clean to Sam about being the mole, having their co-worker killed and blah blah blah. For some bizarre reason, she does not shoot him. Also his name isn’t Aidan, wait didn’t 'Alias' do this already? Jack Turner continues to be a creepy psychopath. MI6 Agent Natalie pontificates. People die. Aidan is smug. Sam makes out with Steven Turner. This was okay.

Best Line:
“I suppose that’s why you’re sitting here in a bespoke suit and I’m living in Croydon on a government wage.”


Amanda gets her minion Dina to steal a clean energy thingy and then kills Dina. This is all part of her plot to takeover Zetrov. Percy and his muscle marys plot to take Division back. Gogol dudes in their really conspicuous trenchcoats do stuff. Amanda fails to kill Nikita when she has the chance.

Flashbacks to 7 and 6 years ago show how Amanda groomed Nikita to be an assassin. Ari is running Zetrov now for some reason. But he wants to be the official CEO. Amanda is all too willing to sell out Division for the love of Ari and Zetrov. But Amanda and her oversize lips and strangely immobile face has reached too high.

Her other minion Sonya listens to Percy. Nikita has no fear of hypoxia. The Zetrov board have a meeting where they all speak English. Nikita fails to shoot Amanda. The deserving end up kicked to the curb. This was good.

Desperate Souls

The fairytale land segments give us Rumpy’s back-story. He was once a moron  human peasant who didn’t want his idiot son conscripted for The Ogre Wars. The local evil noble has a magical minion known as The Dark One. Rumpy was befriended by a too knowing beggar. Guess who ends up as the new Dark One while his idiot son whines?

Meanwhile in Storybrooke, Graham is two weeks dead. Henry is stupid and can’t enunciate. The ridiculous and OTT Regina wants Sidney Glass to be the new Sheriff. Emma won’t stand for that. So Regina and Sidney dig up Emma’s juvie record and publish it in the newspaper. It seems Henry was born in jail.

Regina misses Graham aka the man she enslaved and brainwashed for who knows how many years and then killed when he wanted to get away from her. Regina continues to be a thankless failed human being. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“You cut his cord with a shiv.”
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