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Movie review: Sky High (2005)

Sky High (2005)

Will is the son of legendary superheroes The Commander (Kurt Russell) and Jetstream (Kelly Preston - 'Spacecamp'), so naturally he attends Sky High. It is the school for heroes to be as well as hero support aka sidekicks. Sky High is located on a floating aircraft carrier, the Principle is played by Lynda Carter ('Wonder Woman') and the fearsome PE teacher Boomer is played by none other than Bruce Campbell, who sports a truly horrendous pair of shorts.

Will's powers haven't manifested yet and so he is banished to the social siberia that is hero support. He also gets an arch enemy in the form of Warren Peace (Steven Strait), who is the son of a supervillain and a hero (quite how that pairing came to be isn't addressed). The Commander put Warren's dad is jail and Warren holds a grudge.

When Will's powers finally emerge, he gets to date the popular but mean Gwen and play the 'Save-The -Citizen' game in PE. 'Save-The-Citizen' involves dummies being placed in life threatening situations while two groups of students (one playing heroes, the others playing villains) battle either to save them or not. While watching one game of this, a teacher comments wistfully: "Remember when we used to use real citizens?"

Will acts like a jerk and ignores his sidekick pals in favour of Gwen and her buddies but events come to a climax at the school dance when an unexpected supervillain is unleashed. So now Will, the sidekicks and Warren have to save the day. This was good, leaving aside the cheesy superhero costumes and wire-fu. It was very funny even if the social message was hammered home.

Best Lines:
"It's my first day at Sky High and I already have an arch enemy."

"I'm sorry that my dad put your dad in jail."

"Eggs? Bacon?"
"No thanks. You know how my mom can commicate with animals? Apparently they don't like being eaten."

"I went through puberty twice, for this?"

"The kids who get bit by radioactive insects or fall into a vat of toxic waste, their powers usually show up the next day. Or they die."
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