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Last Resort (2012 - 2013) 1x01 Review

I’ve waited so long for a must see TV show to replace ‘Lost’ and have finally found it. The USS Colorado is on duty some time in the future. You can tell it is the future as women serve on the submarine. Captain Chaplin (Andre Braugher) is a father to his men. The XO is Sam Kendal (Scott Speedman of ‘Underworld’) and the third in command is the annoying Grace (Daisy Betts of 'Persons Unknown')

The submarine picks up some Navy SEALS after some unknown mission and it seems things are bad in the US as four Generals have resigned and the President is facing impeachment. Then the USS Colorado gets a fire order. Chaplin questions the orders to the disgust of the Chief of the Boat (Robert Patrick).

The order may be dodgy, Kendal backs up his captain, some of the Navy SEALS storm the conn and threaten to shoot the officers and things get tense. Then a missile is fired at the USS Colorado.

Meanwhile an exposition dropping military hardware designer wants to know what happened to the tech she put on the boat, heavies show up to intimidate Kendal’s wet wife, Grace’s Admiral daddy wants to know what is going on and a NATO early warning station on an island sees Pakistan hit by two nuclear weapons. Nobody knows what is going on.

Chaplin orders the USS Colorado to head to the island to the amazement of the local barkeep (Dichen Lachman of ‘Dollhouse’) and the local drug lord. Chaplin declares the submarine, the island and the NATO early warning station are all his. The Chief of the Boat attempts to mutiny, some of the Navy SEALS blame themselves for the nuking of Pakistan, Chaplin draws a line in the sand and Kendal seems to be wondering if his superior officer is in the right or inane. This was excellent with a dramatic title card.

Best Lines:
“Our own people tried to kill us?”

“Honour before all.”

“You’ve always put too much faith in the old man.”

“That’s not good.”

“We have 17 more nuclear missiles aboard and we will not hesitate to unleash fiery hell down upon you. I give you my word, test us and we will all burn together. You’ve been warned.”
“Just crazy enough Sir."
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