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Elementary 1x02 + Alcatraz 1x02 Reviewed

While You Were Sleeping

Holmes annoys at an NA meeting, at a crime scene and at the police station. Watson has a pram face ponytail. Detective Bell shows up, there is no sign of Gregson’s sidekick from 1x01. Watson has a date with her friend Ty.

Gregson doesn’t know Holmes was in rehab. Holmes is a jackass. A murder suspect is identified as a woman in a coma. Holmes sets fire to his violin and intimidates a shady PI. There are implausible plot twists regarding a family fortune. I saw better fortune grabbing in the 1979 movie ‘Scavenger Hunt’. There is bad acting and a ridiculous climax. This was terrible.

Ernest Cobb

A sniper who in 1960 killed 16 people shows up in the present day. He strikes again. Dr Soto bumbles and Rebecca annoys. Nobody is freaking out over possible time travel or the fact Rebecca’s family lied about her grandfather. Sam Neill overacts. Lucy gets shot and there is a revelation about her in the not so twist ending. This was bad. Why did Hauser build a replica of an Alcatraz cellblock to hold the 63s? How did Hauser obviously a junior guard in 1963 became such a big shot?
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