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Arrow 1x02 Review

Honor Thy Father

I’ll say this upfront. The only ‘Green Arrow’ comic I ever read was a Kevin Smith graphic novel years ago. The abomination that was the ‘Smallville’ Green Arrow soured me on the character. Oliver dons his superhero suit, when did he make that? He strikes poses - one of which seems a direct rip off of the shot in ‘Avengers’ where Hawkeye shot down an alien ship while looking in the opposite direction.

Oliver has a rap sheet (DUI, assault & battery, taxi theft and peeing on a cop) and continues his over entitled rich idiot façade. Tommy Merlyn is really really annoying. Laurel snots - she is the one who becomes a super heroine who dresses like a prostitute I know. But right now she works for CNRI, cute.

Martin Somers is the bad dude of the week. The orange Moira Queen annoys. Oliver looks like Chad Michael Murray. An unnamed Triad assassin (Kelly Hu of ‘The Scorpion King’) who wears a cheap nylon Lady Gaga wig plans to kill Laurel, Arrow and Emily (Emma Bell) who is the daughter of some dead dude.

Thea needs boot camp. Detective Lance needs to comb his hair. Is he the only cop in Starling City? The green marble floor in the Queen office is really lovely. Walter and Moira try to emotionally blackmail Oliver into working for the company.

Flashbacks reveal that Oliver was on the life raft for days with his father’s corpse. No wonder he has the flat effect of a psychopath. Tom Welling of ‘Smallville’ also had a flat effect but that was because he never learnt to act in the inexplicable 10 years that show was on air.

This was good. Thea annoys. Why are Oliver and Robert’s headstones in the back garden? Why was the fight scene in the apartment so badly edited? When did Oliver learn to throw knives accurately, speak Chinese and make multi purpose arrows? What happened to the face paint Oliver wore in 1x01? Why did Moira plan to kill her family? Who else was on the island?

Best Lines:
“I’ll make you swallow that Nikon.”

“My father’s CFO now sleeps down the hall from me.”
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