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Trailers & a 1999 Tape Tale

‘Ghostwatch: Behind The Curtain’ trailer
A documentary about the infamous 1992 BBC1 Halloween TV special which the BBC disavowed due to it being ‘too scary’ and ‘too realistic’. Stupid BBC, considering the current Saville scandal, the BBC should be ashamed.

‘Evil Dead’ (2013) trailer
Didn’t these morons see ‘Cabin In The Woods’? Who reads out loud from scary books? This looks bizarre.

‘Stitches’ trailer
A zombie clown who looks like a ‘Psychoville’ reject kills trashy teenagers. Looks funny.

‘Detention’ trailer
From the maker of the beyond stupid ‘Torque’ comes this bizarre looking horror.

‘The Cape’ fan movie trailer

‘Elementary’ 1x05 promo

Best Line:
“Idiots rely on luck.”

‘Arrow’ 1x04 promo

‘Nikita’ 2x18 promo
Amanda vs. Nikita, I’m rooting for Amanda.

Review of ‘Coldbrook’ coming soon.

I am reading ‘Iron Winter’.

‘Iron Winter’ Quote:
Northland would not even exist, it would all have been lost under the sea before Ana was cold in her stony tomb in the wall.”

‘Smallville’ Quote:
“The whole building went ‘Resident Evil’.”

‘Modern Family’ Quote:
“What is that shirt? What are you, a flapper?”

‘My Little Pony’ ad quote:
“You’re the prettiest pony bride!”

‘The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!’ Quotes:
“We are kind of busy with an army of escaped supervillains.”

“If your people are following this man ape of their own free will, that’s the end of it.”

“So we need to go through Torment Forest, past Piranha Cove but we have to avoid The Chasm Of, what was it, icy clouds?”
“Chilling Mists.”

“Finally, someone to hurt.”

“Sting sting bug, sting!”

“You just let your own traitor get away.”

“Why does that man have green hair?”
“I have no idea.”

“You can’t take me to SHIELD. You’re a traitor remember.”
“Yeah I remember.”

Cleared out a tape from 1999. It opened with an ‘Earth: Final Conflict’ ep ‘Crossfire’ in which Jonathan Doors is running for President. His only campaign staff member seems to be his son Joshua. There is bad CGI, Liam is smug and don’t make me speak of the horror that was holo-Lili. A presidential debate turns into a disaster as resistance members are arrested en masse, the president is shot and idiot resistance member Julia was never seen again after this ep. Joshua denounces his father, the president is re-elected and Jonathan is disgraced. Cue bad acting and martial law. Joshua set it all up apparently. A later ep would reveal the Taelons had brainwashed Joshua and Jonathan would die saving him. Silly retcons. Anyway this was not good. If the resistance hadn’t been so smug and stupid, the disaster that overtook them would have been avoided.

Then came an ‘X Files’ ep ‘Monday’ in which a woman is caught in a time loop that sees Mulder and Scully die in a botched bank robber. Mulder has a mirror over his leaking waterbed. No comment. This was not good.

Then there was a ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ ep ‘Infinite Regress’ in which the ship runs across Borg debris which gives Seven DID. It seems the cube was infected with a virus by aliens who wear reject outfits from ‘Tron’. It made the Borg drones experience the true voices of the hive mind and it killed them. Seven prances around in a blue glitter body stocking overacting. This was just too much.

Best Line:
“Naomi Wildman, subunit of Ensign Samantha Wildman.”

Then finally there was a ‘Charmed’ ep ‘Is There A Woogy In The House?’ which was a Prue era ep. An earthquake unleashes a demon, there is bad dubbing and Phoebe goes evil and not for the last time either. Kit is glimpsed. A dinner party is disrupted by the thing in the basement. Prue and Piper learn there house was built on mystical ground. This was okay.
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