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Fringe 5x01 + Supernatural 7x20&7x21 + Hunted 1x04 Reviewed

Transilience Thought Unifer Model-11

So what happened between the finale of season 4 and 2036? Hopefully flashbacks will tell us. What became of the other universe? Is Etta special, being the child of parents from two different universes?

The future looks bleak. People eat disgusting looking egg sticks, Central Park has been paved over to pump more C02 into the air and education, due process and freedom are now fringe concepts. Peter, an annoying Walter and Astrid look for Olivia but are in danger from pro Observer loyalists and Observers.

Peter and co were in amber for 20 years or so. But didn’t season 3 establish that people in amber are aware? So why aren’t they all crazy like in a certain Stephen King short story? The ambered Olivia has ended up as somebody’s coffee table and needs rescuing.

An evil Observer says “Resistance is futile.” Peter and Olivia have to bond with their daughter who is a twenty something having not seen her since she was three. Aawwww. Nobody wonders why the Observers suddenly are so belligerent and why there are no female Observers.

The Fringeverse has always been a crapsack world and now it is worse. Bad things happen to Walter, seeing as he caused all of this I don’t care. Etta gets a hint of what became of her former boss (Desmond from ‘Lost’).

There are rescues, a fight, things change and this was really good. After the dire season 3 and an iffy season 4. ‘Fringe’ is back on top. Is William Bell still stuck in amber somewhere? Why did that car cd player work?

Best Lines:
“But there is no hope for you. Nothing grows from scorched earth.”

“We didn’t save the world.”

“What happened to him?”
“Occupational hazard.”

“They don’t like clean air.”

The Girl With The Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo

Bobby shows up to annoy, dude go away. WTF is TPTB obsession with him? The Leviathans continue to bore, the dude playing Dick Roman camps it way up to try to compensate for the idiot plot arc of season 7 but even he can’t save the stupid Leviathan plot arc. The shark hath been jumpeth I fear.

Bobby does a big exposition dump cos TPTB haven’t bothered to explain what the big bads want. Everyone is stupid. The brothers team up with a hacker/maniac pixie dream girl (Felicia Day of ‘Dollhouse’) to rescue Franks’ hard-drive from Dick Roman. Frank’s dead, nobody cares instead we get endless scenes of Felicia Day mugging at the camera. There is stupid non linear storytelling, Bobby goes vengeful spirit and Felicia Day gurns. This was a terrible, terrible ep.

Best Line:
“Sorry for the jump scare.”

Reading Is Fundamental

Dean and Sam have got a tablet which turns out to be a Word Of God. Kevin a student is suddenly a Prophet meant to protect it. The brothers and Kevin hook up with the annoying Castiel and Meg to do, well, nothing really.

Why does anyone trust Meg after the Ruby debacle? If the Leviathans are planning to turn the entire human race into battery hens, then why did they dig the Word Of God out of that bloody field? Dean has issues with Castiel but TPTB have Castiel act like he is high so said issues are ignored. Angels show up to annoy. Crowley is absent. There is overacting and a cliff-hanger. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“This isn’t one of those over achiever teen meltdowns is it?”

“Sam will you please pick up the Word Of God?”

“A demon whore and a Winchester, again.”

“Cas, don’t make me pull this car over.”

“This looks like a sex torture dungeon. Is this a sex torture dungeon?”

“You seem troubled. Of course that’s a primary aspect of your personality so I sometimes ignore it.”

“Crowley isn’t the problem this year.”


Jack Turner kills some guy. Aidan’s boss isn’t as dim as Aidan thinks. Steven Turner’s friend Lewis is up to his neck in Jack’s dirty dealings and the pair suspect Sam of being up to no good. So why haven’t they dragged her off to the not so secret torture dungeon in the basement?

Deacon has religion. Aidan finds Sam’s not so secret wall of weird. Adian’s voice, it annoys me. He annoys me. MI6 agent Natalie shows up to do nothing. Zoë has a boyfriend. Aidan learns something about Hourglass. Jack mocks Steven mourning his dead wife.

Sam learns Jack and Lewis have been carrying on stock manipulation for years. Lewis suspects Sam. Steven fancies Sam. Somebody gets blown up and somebody faces death. This was okay.

Best Line:
“Your bunch of quasi criminal mercenaries.”
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