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Wolf Lake 1x06 Reviewed

Four Feet Under
Well the shooting at the end of 1x05 wasn’t just a murder attempt it was a murder. Willard Cates is dead and Kanin spies on the funeral while furiously talking to himself. He calls Luke “James Dean jnr” and mutters the decidedly odd funeral is “different”.

Tyler Creed is naturally the prime suspect. Luke sulks around being a jackass and then sees his mother/stepmother/whatever banging Tyler Creed. Miranda is locked up in a jail cell on top of everything else she is apparently a repeat drunk driver. No one seems to have given or offered her any help since the events of 1x05.

Someone shoots the Sherriff. Kanin springs into action to save the day. The dude who phoned Kanin in 1x01 sending him to Wolf Lake, phones him again. Who is this dude and why should I care?

Luke and Ruby bond over their dead daddy’s grave. Kanin thinks Wolf Lake is in the grip of a cult. Sophia won’t help Kanin find her daddy. The townsfolk of ‘Wolf Lake’ are like Robert from ‘Downton Abbey’ being prejudiced against all johnny foreigners/outsiders.

The Sherriff hallucinates his dead wife due to his wounds. Sophia talks too much. Luke and Tyler have a scuffle. Caribou chilli is consumed and Tyler Creed may just be a minion after all. Ruby marries Tyler, the sheriff rants and Ruby slinks around a sleeping Kanin’s bedroom in her stripperific wedding dress. This was iffy.

Best Lines:
“Any time your quarry takes that many hits, gets up and drives off. It’s a problem.”

“Can’t they enhance it?”
“Only in Oliver Stone movies."
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