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Survivors Episode 6 review

Somehow this bungled remake has been renewed. One has to wonder, why? This show feels like the survivors are on a bad holiday, rather than survivors of a plague that has wiped out everything they knew and everyone they loved. So much is glossed over: where are getting water? Who is washing their clothes and sheets? How are they washing the aforementioned clothes and sheets? Where are they getting the power to boil water to make their tea? Where do they get their endless petrol? Why are there no diseases from the millions of unburied bodies?

Abby's group just come across as a useless, stupid collection of idiots who take no precautions against crazy looters, sex offender gangs, government nutters and vivisection minded scientists. They're too dumb to live and yet somehow they do.

Tom wanders around in his underpants to get his fans excited and then the government nutters show up and they've allied with the crazy looters. Sarah reunites with Bob and sells out Anya rather than be forced to care for him. Anya's carted off after the government nutters learn she's a doctor. Naj acts like a brat and runs off. After Tom and co rescue Anya, they head off into the city in search of Naj. Meanwhile Abby is so special that her blood is the key to the vaccine, so the scientists hunt her down via their really conspicuous helicopter.

The dead city is suggested by trash, two bodies, one fire and one rat. Where are the dog packs? The bodies? Meanwhile Naj has ended up in gang of kid looters led by a modern day Fagin and Nancy. The kids loots McDonald's chip fat to power a generator, wouldn't that fat be solid by now anyway? In the end Abby's a snot and is carried off by the scientists, Greg's shot, Tom can't shoot straight and Sarah and Anya are useless. Also a final scene shows Peter is alive.

This was okay, but this show was so sanitised and glossy, it destroyed any impact it could have have. I was looking forward to this show and it was a total letdown, it was lame, dull and boring. Where was the desperation? The grimness?
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