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Arrow (2012 - 2020) 1x01 Review


Oliver Queen was stranded on an island for five years - was it the ‘Lost’ island? He is rescued and heads home to Starling City to his vapid friends and family. He plans to become a vigilante. The Queen mansion is Lex’s mansion from ‘Smallville’. Oliver learns his mom Moira (Susanna Thompson of ‘Star Trek: Voyager’) got remarried to the sneaky Walter (Colin Salmon of ‘Hex‘), his sister is a whiny druggie and his former girlfriend Laurel (Kate Cassidy of ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Harper’s Island’) is now a snotty lawyer.

Oliver has flashbacks to the family yacht Queen’s Gambit sinking which lead to the death of Laurel’s sister Sarah who Oliver was banging on the side. Oliver’s flashback hair is horrible, it makes him look like ‘Dexter‘.

Oliver hangs out with his BF Tommy, is bothered by thugs and gets a bodyguard named Diggle. Oliver creates a superhero lair and targets a bad dude named Adam Hunt (Brian Markinson). The jackass Detective Lance (Paul Blackthorne) bothers Oliver. But Oliver debuts as a superhero and fights cops and Adam Hunt’s thugs.

Oliver seems messed up and the flashback to his father Robert (Jamey Sheridan of ‘The Stand’, ‘Babylon Fields’ and ‘Homeland’) doing some cold equations on the lifeboat goes some way to explaining why. This was good, I’ll be watching. Let us never speak of the dreadful 'Green Arrow' blight that ruined ’Smallville’. When did Oliver learn to fight and build trick arrows? Where did the list of names come from? Why was there a mask on a stick on Ollie's island?

Best Lines:
“That is not going to finish well.”

“Mr Ivy League dropout.”

“What’s ‘Twilight’?”
“You’re so better off not knowing.”

“Untraceable? It’s 40 million dollars! Find it!”

“That’s what happens when your sister dies while screwing your boyfriend.”

“We’ll put out an APB on Robin Hood.”
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