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Movie Review: 28 Weeks Later (2007)

This is an okay sequel to the disturbing ‘28 Days Later’. It opens with people hiding from the infected in a remote farm house. One of them is Don (Robert Carlyle of ‘SGU’ and ‘Once Upon A Time’). The infected attack and the not so safe house is over run. Don abandons his wife to die and he alone escapes.

Some time later the infected have all died off and reconstruction and repopulation of the destroyed UK has begun. Various military types hang out in London: sniper Doyle (Jeremy Renner), an annoying helicopter pilot (Harold Perrineau of ‘Lost’) and a doctor (Rose Byrne of ‘Insidious’).

Don made it to London and his two snotty kids arrive back from a school trip to Spain that turned into a stay in a refugee camp. The unsubtle heterochromia plot point is banged over our heads. There are creepy scenes that show NATO troops clearing up the devastated London.

Don lies to his children about their mother’s fate. The two spoilt brats sneak out of the safe zone and back to their old house. The wreckage and smell don’t bother them. They find their mother hiding in their old house. She’s a carrier and the two vile turds are about to be responsible for the second outbreak of the rage virus.

Thanks to a lack of security the Typhoid Mary mother infects Don and chaos begins. Doyle abandons his post and he, the doctor and the horrible kids try to escape. There is murk, fire bombing and chemical weapons. Doyle and the doctor both die horribly while the stupid bloody kids (one of whom is a carrier) make it to France and infect mainland Europe with the rage virus! Nice going you stupid selfish brats. This was okay with a downer ending. But why did all the interesting characters die and the stupid kids get to live and doom the world?

Best Lines:
“It’s been five days since your boyfriend ran out on us. If he’s still breathing which I doubt. It won’t be the pasta he’s interested in.”

“It’s just us in here and them out there.”

“There are a large number of bodies still left to be cleared from the original outbreak of infection. Rats and wild dogs are prevalent as is disease.”

“The last infected human died six months ago.”

“What if it comes back?”

“You ought to have seen the refugee camps Dad. There were twenty of us in each tent and chemical toilets!”

“It’s only dogs and rats out there.”

“Shoot everything!”
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