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Wolf Lake 1x05 Reviewed

Excitable Boy

Tyler Creed is gross with Miranda. So when she is assaulted, Kanin suspects him. Miranda is not a Wolf Lake native after all. Both she and Kanin seem unaware of what the Wolf Lake residents are despite ample clues like the creepy statue near the dive bar.

If anyone wonders why this show was axed after only 9 episodes look no further then TPTB’s obsession with Sophia and her ‘romance’ with thug Luke. Sophia can’t act, the Sherriff wants her to go to college in Italy and it seems Sophia takes after her daddy and not her human mother.

As for Miranda? She is dismissed by the er doctor and everyone else as a pillhead nutcase. Mr Cates’ turns out to have an evil brother. Ruby wears a coat with a fur collar. Why is a werewolf wearing fur? Ruby sulks as her jackass father wants her to marry Tyler Creed. Ruby tries on a truly ugly wedding dress and her stepmother is vile.

Miranda’s attacker gets justice not that Miranda will ever know about it. The werewolves aren’t allowed to leave Wolf Lake and it’s shallow gene pool. Someone tries to kill Mr Cates. This show could have been better.

Best Lines:
“You flip open like a cheap suitcase.”

“Ted Kennedy is still alive. Oh yes he is.”

“I have a goldfish at home and it’s waiting for dinner.”

“Justice is not only blind, she’s deaf, dumb, has a flabby ass and walks around on one leg.”
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