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Breaking Bad 3x07 + Hunted 1x03 Reviewed

One Minute

Jesse is a noxious little punk, Hank beats him up, Jesse is ever more noxious. Skyler shows up to annoy. The annoying assassins lurk, they are a total joke so I fast forward through any scene they’re in. Jesse continues to be a low life degenerate, Walt is a jerk and Hank unravels.

Jesse screams and ignores the fact that his crap life is his own damn fault. Saul annoys. Hank is suspended. The ridiculous assassins try to kill Hank with their stupid axe but he manages to damage them both. Hopefully fatally so I can continue on with this show. This was uh, Jesse whines too much.


The monochrome looking misery drags on. Sam pouts with her ridiculous lips. The Jack Turner/dam tender plot continues. The Turner family plus Sam head off to a hotel for the final decision on the dam. Also there is Bernard Faroux from episode 1x01 who Sam was targeting. Ooppps!

The mole is revealed. Surprise surprise it is the obvious choice. MI6 lurk in the form of Agent Natalie (Indira Varma of ‘Torchwood‘). Jack Turner is so vile one wonders why his long suffering (and only surviving) son puts up with his emotional abuse.

The Byzantium gang are a pack of jerks. There is muttering about something called Hourglass. There is bad acting and ridiculous characters. Sam continues killing loads and loads of people. However the riddle of what exactly is going on does intrigue so I will keep watching for now.

Best Line:
“You’re getting pissed with Dave? That’s your plan?”
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