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Quotes of the Day

‘Eastenders’ does it again. Christian and Syed finally tie the knot only for Syed to leave Christian (AGAIN) less than 10 minutes later. Christian is left all alone to wail: “He’s left me, he’s left me.” How many times will he put up with this?

‘Modern Family’ Quotes:
“Don’t slut up your college.”

“Is this kindergarten or the Hunger Games?”

“Haley going to college is a miracle. Lily going to kindergarten is the law.”

“If she’s the future of America, we should start using Chinese money now.”

“It’s where we keep our gun collection, our abandoned refrigerator and our chocolate covered hypodermic needles.”

‘Moone Boy’ Quote:
“They failed her last year for spelling her own name wrong.”

‘Doomsday Book’ Quotes:
“Life expectancy in 1300 was thirty-eight years,” he had told her when she first said that she wanted to go to the Middle Ages, “and you only lived that long if you survived Cholera and Smallpox and blood poisoning, and if you didn’t eat rotten meat or drink polluted water or get trampled by a horse or get burned at the stake for witchcraft.”

“If Father Roche heard me speaking modern English, he could very well believe I was speaking in tongues.”

“Io suiicen lui dani amo”
(you are here in place of the friend I love)
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